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Robin Stethem
Product Designer


I am a designer and co founder of The Museum of Other Realities, where we are exploring new ways of interacting with information and one another. I received my Bachelors of Industrial Design from Emily Carr in 2016 and worked as an industrial designer with Woke studio in Vancouver after graduation.

While at Woke I saw how a lot of the user experience questions we faced involved an intersection of physical and digital interface, so I began experimenting with new tools and modes of thinking to bridge the gap. While at school I had been exposed to VR in my role as a research assistant, and soon after graduating I purchased an HTC Vive. When I saw what was possible in the medium and where it was going I was compelled to pursue it with The Museum of Other Realities.

I am probably inside a headset at this very moment mucking around. See some older VR stuff at ixdforvr.com, or check out an essay on my approach Physical Design for Spatial Computing which uses The Museum of Other Realities (Previously called TH-er), as a case study.