Space, and the Spaces Between


No Trespassing (since demolished)

North America is not very efficient with its use of space, even in urban areas we are infected by the thought of the endless frontier, huge lots along with huge square footage lead to a lot of spaces which exist in a sort of limbo of appropriated disuse. Sometimes they are vacant, waiting for someone to come along who is willing to pay enough to own them, and in other cases left empty after the 9 to 5 contingent heads home for the evening. In my neighbourhood in downtown eastside Vancouver I see legions of empty buildings waiting to be sold, torn down, and transformed into condominiums or apartments for the second wave of gentrification (the first being hipsters such as myself who currently cannot afford their own apartment). This series of digital urban interventions highlight unused or dilapidated areas in the Vancouver area, an examination of space, and the spaces between.

Check back soon for more Spaces.