Multitouch Table Concept

Multitouch Table Multitouch Table

With a 78 inch 16k (8640p) multitouch screen topped with a 2.5mm Saphire glass panel, the Multitouch Table is tough enough to be a capable work surface for any task, and precise enough for the most exacting power user.

Multitouch Table

Thanks to an articulated 6 axis mechanical arm the Multitouch Table is everywhere you want to be, with an option to be operated remotely or by adjustment through the slightest touch.

Multitouch Table

The interface of the Multitouch Table is perfect for working together, ample real estate and incredible resolution means everyone can be involved in the conversation.


Multitouch Table

Every time I come across an article or blog post with a title like "Touch Table of the future" or "Is This the Next iMac?" I am always tempted to give this type of speculative design a go.

I would classify this type of work as "fan art" or "design fan fiction", the argument could be made that this taken as a piece of cultural production provides substance for society by creating a space of discourse, or fostering enthusiasm. I remain on the fence as to how I feel about this style of work as it feels a bit like I am just knocking off a bunch of apple products and turning it into a table, but I will admit I had fun making this.